Hair Me Roar Serum


Release your INNER ROAR with our Split-End Repair & Frizz Away Serum, Hair Me Roar!
(Net Wt. 10ml)

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Hair Me Roar Serum

Sold in our oil dropper bottles for diffused amount control, which will give you increased length of use for this product! Not a drop will be wasted… Impressive – we know!

Try a few drops of our fine serum – and you’ll be impressed! It can be used on wet or dry hair.
Use it after an amazing shower or bath from ends to roots, to enliven and strengthen your hair – getting rid of that post-wash snap/dullness! Try it on dry hair for a quick shine or style revamp!
Our Apricot and Grapeseed Oil Blend provides the nourishment your hair needs to be shiny, strong and beautiful all day long. We formulate our Hair Me Roar Serum to create a brightened and citrusy pop to your daily hair routine!

Made with Brightening Complex Grapefruit Essential Oils!





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calming lavender, strong spearmint


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