Flower Bath Sachet

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Organic Flowers, Herbs and a dash of peace await your next bath!


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Sit, simmer, soak in the tub with a bouquet of herbs

and flowers surrounding you. This sachet contains beautiful

and relaxing flowers and herbs, perfect for a night in alone…or not.


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1 review for Flower Bath Sachet

  1. Ellen

    This came with the Yogi Collection Gift Set. I used it 3 times! I started off with a facial steam in a big bowl with the sachet and some hot water, and a towel over my head. My 4 year old got under there too when it got a little cooler. Then we soaked our (clean) feet in the water in a bucket, and then later that night my daughter added it to her bath. We also poured out the flowers after the bath into our garden, and they looked very pretty amongst the grass. It felt very luxurious, and I loved the scent when we were facial steaming. I definitely think it makes a big difference in both the intensity of the scent, and in the quality of the flowers that they’re all organic. This product has so many applications!

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