Facial Toning Spa Package


Do we need to give you one more reason to treat yourself and your face? Well, you deserve it, that’s the truth!


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An at home Self Care getaway just for you!

Softer and firmer skin awaits you in this delicate and refreshing collection 💆

You get some amazing products in one great package.

The Facial Toning Spa Package Includes:

❤️🌱 Rose’ All Day Facial Spray

Made with Persian rose water, distilled water, witch hazel and infused with rose quartz crystals

❤️🌱Organic Facial Steamer Pouch

Made with organic calendula, peppermint, cayenne and red roses

❤️🌱Sensitive Skin Face Scrub

Made with organic oatmeal, chamomile & peppermint and blanched almonds

❤️🌱 Perk-eye-Later Undereye Lifting Balm

Made with cocoa butter, organic unrefined coconut oil, organic beeswax, lavender oil, caffeine

💥BONUS💥 Microfiber Washcloth!


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